Terms of Engagement


  1. The Client confirms that all information and instructions provided to Resolve Collections Limited, regarding the debt claimed whether orally or written provided to Resolve Collections Limited is honest and truthful.
  2. The Client has complied with the Privacy Act 1993 and all other laws that apply to the provision of this service and that the Client is entitled to release any information and documentation relating to the debt to the Agent.
  3. The Client indemnifies Resolve Collections Limited and other persons they may instruct against all losses, costs, expenses, liabilities, actions and proceedings, arising out of any action taken by one or both of them to give effect to the instructions of the client.
  4. The Client shall pay all invoices issued on or before the 20th of the month following invoice. Should Resolve Collections Limited need to recover monies owing by the client due to costs incurred or commission not paid then all costs incurred will be payable by the client. If payment is not made on the due date interest of 2% per month on the balance outstanding shall be charged. Furthermore, if full payment is not recovered Resolve Collections Limited may disclose details of the debt to the Credit Reporting Agencies.
  5. The Client shall inform Resolve Collections Limited immediately the Client receives any payment from the debtor.
  6. In the event of the Client closing or withdrawing an instruction Resolve Collections Limited reserves the right to charge a closure fee of no more than 7.5% of the outstanding balance.

Resolve Collections Limited

  1. Upon instruction attempt to contact the debtor immediately by phone, post, text message, email or social media.
  2. Should the debtor not have the means to settle the outstanding balance in full Resolve Collections limited will establish a payment plan for automatic payment from their bank account. Failure to maintain the automatic payments will result in immediate further action against the debtor.
  3. If no payment or communication is forthcoming from the debtor we will then advise them in writing that their credit history may be affected and legal action may be taken to recover the debt.
  4. If we are unsuccessful in obtaining repayment of the debt through our processes we will discuss with the Client our next step to enforce collection of the debt. We may arrange a personal visit to the debtor from one of our nationwide agents or commence legal action against them.
  5. Should it become necessary to issue legal proceedings or initiate a personal visit against your debtor, Resolve Collections Limited must obtain written instruction to commence legal proceedings or personal visit before any work being carried out. In such circumstances, the Client agrees to pay all associated costs incurred together with all disbursement fees incurred.
  6. Should the debtor offer settlement less than the full amount (including costs) Resolve Collections Limited will Seek instructions from the Client before accepting any such offer for payment of the debt.

We trust that the Terms of Engagement are read carefully and meet with your approval. However, if further assistance is needed, please do not hesitate in contacting us on 0800 11 44 07