Document Service and Field Calls

We offer fast, efficient document service and field calls (personal visits) throughout New Zealand,
using our network of field agents. Documents that we regular serve or deliver include:

Legal Documents

  • Notice of Proceedings
  • Bankruptcy Notices
  • Statutory Demands
  • Restraining Orders
  • Trespass notices
  • Dissolution of Marriage

Family Courts

  • Dissolution of Marriage

Debt Recovery

  • Final Demand Notices
  • Field Call/Personal Visit

When required, we will supply a sworn affidavit of service and/or comprehensive field notes detailing all information gathered.

Tracing Services

Finding people is part of our everyday business, we live in an age where most people will have some form of digital footprint, whether this is through one of the many social media platforms or, have had a credit check run against them.  we have access to both private and public databases that will help with tracing individuals.

Credit Reporting

Credit reporting provides critical information whether you’re researching payments history or obtaining data to make informed lending decisions.

We work in partnership with Centrix who provide specific expertise and comprehensive credit bureau development, data management and analytics in New Zealand, Australia and Asia.

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